100% Chance of Winning

100% Chance of Winning

Nancy Nehlsen


Dr. Joseph Rock, a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic says that buying a lottery ticket for a giant payoff, like the one that recently passed, is healthy for your brain. You start imagining all the wonderful things you can do with $1.5 billion (like $40 million wasn’t enough), and your brain produces serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline.

Imagine: life will be better than it was before. You’ll pay off debts, buy a new house, get rid of your 15 year old tennis shoes (maybe that’s just me), and take a great vacation. Endorphins go racing through your body, giving you a feeling of being high (sort of).

Anyway, the prospect of good things happening in your life produces positive effects on your brain and body. So, think for a minute about growing your business, gaining the respect of your peers and absolutely rolling in the money that’s pouring in. Ahhh. I feel that high already.

Yes, this is a rapacious manipulation of your endorphins to sell you a product. If your brand is refreshed, your website updated, your brochure all shiny and new, you’ll start imagining all the wonderful things you can buy with the increased revenue. Here comes the adrenaline, along with more energy production and better performance that will work to get your company business plan skyrocketing to success.

So, buy a lottery ticket, where your chances of winning are roughly one in 175 million on a normal little $40 million drawing; or refresh your brand image, redesign your website and create a new brochure with a nearly 100% chance of improving your business. Step aside, Dr. Rock, Dr. Nancy is here start you on your way to a healthier brain!

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