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Have you become snowed under when it comes to blogs? Your competitors are blogging and you’ve been told it’s cost-effective, but what exactly is a blog and how can it help you and your business? Read on and we’ll try to dig you out.


With so much information on the web, there has to be a way to compartmentalize it all so it’s easy to retrieve and be useful. A blog is a very organized, stream of relevant information that helps increase your readers’ knowledge. Because it is typically shorter in length (we like to aim for around 600 words) and is sectioned into even shorter segments with headings, it’s easy (and hopefully fun) to read. Your best bet is to choose current topics within your industry and share your knowledge and perspective. The goal is not to give away trade secrets, but to display your expertise in a way that pulls people in, encouraging them to seek out more information on your company.

Over time, a weekly blog can help establish a rapport with your readers and a loyal following who look to you as the go-to experts who can help them. It’s a very “safe” way to market your company because it’s not a direct promotion. You’re simply sharing useful information from your area of expertise with people who respect and trust you. That is why we like blogging. It’s also a part of the large arena we call social media, but blogs typically live on your company’s website. And, that is why Google likes blogging.


Speaking of your website and Google, blogs can be your site’s best friend. Unless you’re running a real estate agency, your blog articles are very often the only new and regular content being added to your website.

Google, like Santa, is always watching…sees you when you’re sleeping and so on. Your website is always on, and so is Google. Its search engines crawlers crawling, bots-a-botting, etc. (sorry, it’s just that time of year!). If you want top placement in Google’s search results, you have to feed those crawlers and bots their meal of choice to earn those desirable, organic spots. Fresh, relevant content is Google’s favorite dish. Keep in mind Santa’s watchful eye and be careful to follow the rules. Your blog cannot be overrun with keywords or your site will end up on the naughty list. Remember to maintain your rapport with your readers and write with a voice that speaks to them. Choose your words carefully, and Google will take notice!


Finally, a heading we didn’t have to make up! We strongly recommend video blogs, or vlogs. Video content is much easier for visitors to digest and your company’s personality has a greater opportunity to shine through in this popular format. It humanizes your company and connecting in a human way is really what social media is all about. Videos tend to be more interesting and engaging than a page full of content and Google knows this, making vlogs another useful tool to help increase your search rankings. states that YouTube reported 6 billion hours of monthly video streaming (1). Not only does everyone love to watch videos but they love to share them and, according to the research, 92% of mobile viewers share (1). How’s that for a great stocking stuffer?

The marketing and branding landscape has changed drastically in the last few years. Blogs, vlogs and social media in general are very powerful tools for today’s business environment. Now that you’ve been educated on the four letter word, blog, reach out to some experts you trust and try your hand at it. Get those visions of sugar plums dancing in your head out on paper!

SOURCE Say Hello to Vlogging: Why You Should be Video Blogging

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