Video Marketing: Don't Overlook What Your Eyes are Telling You

Video Marketing: Don't Overlook What Your Eyes are Telling You

Crystal Milburn

Social Media Director

Do you have “Superman Vision”? Visual content creation and sharing aren’t new to anyone. However, according to a recent study by the CMO Council, visual, and namely video, use for marketing purposes will explode in the next year. Their concern, though, is not the recognition of its importance but lack of planning and budgeting for it.

In a recent study by Liz Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the CMO Council, says, “Unless leaders outside the marketing team realize the importance of managing and organizing visual resources, companies will essentially waste money on resources that will never be used correctly.” She goes on to say, “Video is going to absolutely skyrocket over this next year. It’s kind of been an area where we’ve been dabbling and playing. It’s certainly been an area where we are actively allocating or re-allocating dollars that used to be dedicated to television creative, but we’re now looking at online video as a major piece of that customer engagement practice.”

Marketers and consumers place value on visual content for obvious reasons. We recognize brands visually. Visuals help us read and gather information faster. Ask any chef and you’ll be informed that we eat with our eyes. The ways in which businesses typically utilize video are vast: how-tos, trainings, webcasts, television commercials, and online video are all informative mechanisms to get your message across. Plus, we are more inclined to share visual content on social media than text-only content.

As with most any form of content, the more constructive, unbiased information you provide, the better your odds are at building trust. Gone are the days of push marketing – those methods are “loud” and outdated. Instead, we want to pull our audiences in with our whit and knowledge. And good looks if you have access to a Clark Kent!

Don’t fret! Photography, images and infographics will still be important tools and will always have a place in our creative hearts. Video is where the unstoppable, even by Superman, marketing train is heading. Are you on board?

In order to stay ahead of the curve, we recommend you include visual marketing in your budget. Otherwise, it may be pushed to the wayside and all of your big plans will fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes) until the following year. Even after your competitors have already leapt tall buildings in a single bound. Don’t be “super-manned” by your competitors; BE Superman. Find a place in your budget for it and execute your brilliant plans!

Reference: CMOs Value Visual Content, While Industry Remains Unprepared [Study]

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