What your logo color says about your business

What your logo color says about your business

Matt Sanchez

Lead Graphic Designer

All colors queue an emotional response, and consumers, whether they realize it or not, are influenced by the colors in business products and logos. The colors you choose for your business logo can help tell your story, or detract from it.


A strong, powerful color that tells customers to stop and look, red is often used in the food and beverage industry and by active, dynamic companies.


A cool color that elicits a calming response, blue is commonly used by the financial industry, health industry and lawyers. The relaxing tones can make the consumer more comfortable when encountering a subject matter that could be difficult.


A color that could signify both happiness and caution, yellow can be difficult to use in a logo because it can be hard to read from a distance unless it is against a highly contrasting color. Yellow is a popular color in the construction industry.

Green and Brown

Environmental and energy savings have become synonymous with green and brown. Companies offering environmentally friendly services, or that work in the outdoors, use these colors frequently.


A trendy color right now, orange is often used by technology companies and conveys a message of innovation and modern thinking.


Like blue, purple conveys a relaxing tone that can trend more feminine, but can also convey age and experience depending on the shade and context.

While these are the most common uses of color in logos, companies have to determine if they want to fit in with the industry, or stand out when choosing a logo color. For example, Coca Cola uses red as its logo color and Pepsi uses red and blue. A new cola company could use a combination of red and blue in a logo because consumers already recognize them as “cola colors.” Or the new company could use a completely different color to stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at your company logo. Is the color giving consumers the message you want?

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